The Glitch Mob

One of the first groups that got me really into live electronics and glitch-hop back around 2005. I first stumbled across edIT on myspace which lead me to his group, the Glitch Mob which consists of three producers: edIT, Ooah, and Boreta from the west coast / Los Angeles.

If anyone is out there living in Los Angeles, they will be performing on June 11th at the Henry Fonda Theater.

Something about the hybrid combination of Glitched out electronics with a solid hip hop beat really gets me moving… I love doing some personal designs listening to their tracks. Hope you enjoy!

“One of the most sought-after collectives of djs and producers to hit the underground scene, known for electrifying audiences at festivals around the world with their signature blend of ferocious beats, catastrophic sub bass and engaging performance. “

edIT Interview

Beyond Monday

Behind the Scenes

Broken Fingaz -Graffiti Stop Motion
(Music by the Glitch Mob)

Like what you hear?

Glitch Mob Official Website
Glitch Mob Facebok Fan Page
Glitch Mob Myspace

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