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As much as I love the digital artists in the graphic and web design field, I am also a big fan of urban art. One artist I really enjoy is Justin Bua whom has made world wide recognition with his “Distorted Urban Realism”. A mix of Hiphop, Jazz, Graffiti, and fine art is what makes each of his pieces unique and outstanding.

BUA’s art is representative of today’s ethnically diverse urban culture. He has a complete grasp of all the elements of Hip-Hop and the inner feeling of its music. BUA truly represents the Hip-Hop movement: the most popular culture of our era.
– Crazy Legs

Starting out as a Bboy/Graffiti Artist in NYC, Bua’s journey began as an artist. His first step in the industry was painting slick bottom skateboards which lead to the freelance world. He created numerous CD covers for companies such as Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Sony Music and BMG Music, and also animated the opening title sequence for MTV’s “The Lyricist Lounge Show”. He has developed the characters and backgrounds for the EA Sports video game, “NBA Street” & “NFL Street”, and has also created the world for Slum Village’s award winning music video, “Tainted”.

Paintings by Justin Bua

Justin Bua Art

Justin Bua Art

Justin Bua Art

Justin Bua Art

Justin Bua Art

Visit Justin Bua’s Website: www.justinbua.com

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