RSS Double Posting and Bugs

I have been having some really annoying RSS bugs and it’s really starting to piss people off. It was brought to my attention this weekend and I am looking into this now, please hold tight!

Again apologies for the inconvenience!!

Update* 02-03-09

I thought it would be useful to share what I had to do to fix this issue just in case someone else was going through the same problem.

RSS Feed Would Double Post After You Make an Edit on Post

One of the more irritating aspects of WordPress, at least from a feed subscriber’s perspective, is that minor edits cause the last-updated date to change. The knock-on effect is that the post will find its way back to the top of an atom feed causing readers to see it again.

Ciaran at created this very useful plugin to fix this problem. So far its working great 🙂
Download Plugin

Mass Repost on RSS Feeds (Even if you did not edit any posts)

Now this bug to me is still unexplainable but here is how I fixed the problem:

  1. Login to your FeedBurner Account
  2. On your dashboard, hit the “Troubleshootize” tab.
  3. On your left column, choose “FeedMedic”, it will give you directions on things to check.
  4. On your left column choose “Tips and Tools”, then scroll to the bottom and hit the “Resync” button.

After resyncing my feeds, I stopped receiving Feed Errors and the annoying reposting issue had stopped. Hopefully it stays this way 🙂

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