Caught Red Handed – Don’t Rip Off Websites!

Once in a blue moon I see blog articles when an agency or designer catches someone stealing their design and slapping their own logo to make it theirs. As a third party looking into the situation, it was always amusing to see how shameless some people are when it comes to taking credit for other people’s hard work.

Well yesterday, I caught a young designer at make a poor decision by trying to rip off my own site. This is the first time this happened and since it wasn’t professionally done, I was not angry nor was I upset at the situation. I have simply sent an email to him to take it down.

For those out there ripping off other people’s designs, let this be a lesson to you. Work hard, practice, and be patient! Take pride in your own original work, and when inspired by other pieces, always give credit and recognition to where it’s due.


So I email him professionally asking for the ripped site to come down. This is his brilliant response:

I don’t understand. If you don’t want people to use it, then why do you put it on CSS drive? And, my name is not mitchell. I will take it down when you give me the reason. HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET MY EMAIL? I’M SENDING A SPAM REPORT!

and even funnier is his response once he took down the ripped website:

I’m so sorry but the website has been shut down due to the stupidest thing i heard of. I’m getting a new template and now sohwhatever is my least favorite place in the world so i put a report to it. site will be back up soon and hopefully their site will be shut down too.

*Hint* Maybe if you didn’t forget to take off my Google analytics tracking code at the bottom you wouldn’t of been caught.

This has been a very amusing day 🙂

My Original Site

Mitchell Soft Website


…and the Saga Continues…

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