Fell Off the Face of the Earth…

As you may have noticed I have been MIA for the past month on my blog and also been hiding out on the social media tip. I would like to update you guys with some news on what I have been doing and whats coming up next.

Soh Went Missin. WTH happened?

I’ve been battling “Burnout” for a while, and it finally caught up to me around December. Juggling a day job, freelance, personal/guest blog, family/friends, and holidays has always been a challenge for me and this is something I would like to improve on this year. I know there are many others in the same shoes, and for those who are handling business while maintaining a healthy balance between work and life, I applaud you and give you the utmost respect. If you have any advice on how to better handle this, I would love to hear about them 🙂

What Have I been Working On Recently?

I recently met DStyles who is a famous turntablist (Beat Junkies/Invisibl Skratch Piklz) at a weekly underground hiphop/electronica spot here in Los Angeles. Dstyles works for Vestax and they were in need of a website for their new product “Spin” which is a mixer strictly for the Mac. With a tight deadline of 3 weeks, I was able to pull this project off for them. I’ll have an update later when the site is live.

I also decided to redesign my portfolio and started messing around with ideas here and there. The main reason for my redesign was to first test how far I’ve come since my last redesign, but also to make my tutorials easier to find. This may take me a little while longer since clients always come first, but its something that I would like to accomplish within the next few months. Updates coming soon!

Whats Up Now?

I’m going on vacation to Cebu City, Philippines with my wife starting today! Its a vacation long overdue, and I am planning to enjoy every moment of it. I will be gone for 2 1/2 weeks, when I return, I will back in action with new tutorials and projects. Thank you for your patience and again I apologize about the silent moments on this blog. This is my time to decompress, reorganize my thoughts, set goals for 2010, and hopefully find new inspirations. I hope to come back refreshed and ready to take on the new year. If you guys are interested, I will be happy to post some pictures of my adventure.

Whats Coming up?

I have another exciting project lined up around Feb/March. I would like to keep it on the down low for now but will keep you updated. I also wrote a tutorial for .Net Magazine on a portfolio image slider which should be out this month (Issue #197). I will be releasing a tutorial to follow up with that piece very soon.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I hope my burnout will pass, and I will be back in the game shortly. 2009 was a great year and I learned a ton from the design/dev community. Big thanks goes out to Steven Snell for bringing me up when I was just starting to blog, Chris Coyier for his fantastic tutorials and all the lessons I have learned over the years, Vitaly Friedman for inviting me to write for SM and being so patient with my schedule, and to all my readers, I appreciate all of the support, feedback, and patience. I wish you all a healthy and successful 2010!! Its time to make moves, lets make it happen!

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My name is Soh Tanaka and I am a Los Angeles based designer/front-end developer specializing in CSS driven web design with an emphasis on usability and search engine optimization. I also run a CSS Gallery which is updated daily with the best CSS websites from around the world. Come check it out!

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