Done with 2008 – Thank You All!

Another year has blown by and I have so much appreciation for this great community. I have made many accomplishments both personal and in my career, the launch of my first blog being one of my major highlights. I must first and foremost say how much I appreciate all of my readers and the comments I have received from all of you.

Since Day 1…

Starting my Blog this august and sharing everything I know has brought me so much joy and it has definitely made me much sharper especially from the feedback and the suggestions/criticism I have received. I am truly thankful for every one’s contribution and I’m very happy that I have had the chance to chat with some of you via aim/twitter/email. It just shows how many brilliant and talented people are out there and it’s a great humbling experience to be able to interact with you all through this wonderful community.

I have hit many roadblocks trying to post on a consistent basis, trying to write useful and somewhat original content to my best abilities, I have failed in some, succeeded in others, but your support, encouragement, and feedback has kept me on my feet till now.


PS If you have any suggestions, constructive criticism, likes and dislikes about my articles/tutorials, please don’t be afraid to let me know via comments, twitter, or email. I may not be the best writer and designer/developer/css ninja, but I am constantly looking to better myself and I put in my best efforts so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and successful new year!!

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Soh Tanaka
My name is Soh Tanaka and I am a Los Angeles based designer/front-end developer specializing in CSS driven web design with an emphasis on usability and search engine optimization. I also run a CSS Gallery which is updated daily with the best CSS websites from around the world. Come check it out!

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