Always Backup Your Files and Database!

I just want to do a recap of what happened about a week ago. I had been sharing a dedicated machine with my partner for a few months, until one Friday morning, the site just never came up. I had assumed it had something to do with exceeding bandwidth and running out of memory, little did I know, the entire machine had crapped out and had wiped everything out. Now I don’t want to go over details of how it happened since I still don’t have a clear answer to that, but I would just like to remind everyone to BACKUP all your files and your database.

This blog was luckily backed up once a week with this awesome plugin, but unfortunately was not. I had to enter all its entries from the ground up. If this site went down completely without a backup I really don’t know if I would have had the patience to write all of my tutorial all over again. Please let my mistake and foolishness be a lesson to anyone out there that is not in a routine backing up!

WordPress Backup Plugins

If you don’t have a backup system yet, I highly suggest you set something up. If you are on WordPress like me, here are two that people are highly recommending.

Where am I hosted Now?

I asked a couple people I really trust with large communities, and they had pointed me to a couple good hosting companies to look into. I decided to run with Media Temple, and am now on their Dedicated-Virtual setup.

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