Caught Red Handed – Don’t Rip Off Websites!

Once in a blue moon I see blog articles when an agency or designer catches someone stealing their design and slapping their own logo to make it theirs. As a third party looking into the situation, it was always amusing to see how shameless some people are when it comes to taking credit for other people’s hard work.

Well yesterday, I caught a young designer at make a poor decision by trying to rip off my own site. This is the first time this happened and since it wasn’t professionally done, I was not angry nor was I upset at the situation. I have simply sent an email to him to take it down.

For those out there ripping off other people’s designs, let this be a lesson to you. Work hard, practice, and be patient! Take pride in your own original work, and when inspired by other pieces, always give credit and recognition to where it’s due.


So I email him professionally asking for the ripped site to come down. This is his brilliant response:

I don’t understand. If you don’t want people to use it, then why do you put it on CSS drive? And, my name is not mitchell. I will take it down when you give me the reason. HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET MY EMAIL? I’M SENDING A SPAM REPORT!

and even funnier is his response once he took down the ripped website:

I’m so sorry but the website has been shut down due to the stupidest thing i heard of. I’m getting a new template and now sohwhatever is my least favorite place in the world so i put a report to it. site will be back up soon and hopefully their site will be shut down too.

*Hint* Maybe if you didn’t forget to take off my Google analytics tracking code at the bottom you wouldn’t of been caught.

This has been a very amusing day 🙂

My Original Site

Mitchell Soft Website


…and the Saga Continues…

Thief #2 – - Web Design Thief - Web Design Thief

1and1 Review – A Hosting Nightmare

As I was first getting into the industry, like every other newbie out there I was excited to get a hosting plan. I was first introduced to from a school mate, and l later saw many full page ads in magazines. They seemed like a big trust worthy company but boy was I in for a surprise. – Downtime Kings

“99.9% Uptime
No matter what the cause, network downtime hurts your credibility, your sales, and your business. 1&1 uses its experience and expertise in hosting to deliver 99.9% uptime, so your website is there when you need it.”

This is taken from their “About Us” page, promoting their 99.9% uptime policy, this is obviously false.

I’m usually not one to put other companies down, but their continuous down time and horrible customer service has lead me to this frustrating post. I had been a loyal customer to (Using the Business Package) for about 3 years now, and this will be my last month hosting with them.

Horrible Customer Service and Support

The pathetic part is, I now have’s customer support phone number on my speed dial since my sites go down so often. It seems I am talking to one of their customer service reps every other week regarding a downtime issue with my hosting.  They promise and reassure me on a follow up regarding the issue, but of course, no emails, no calls, no response.  I’m not talking about a few hours of downtime (I completely understand, all hosting companies out there do have some downtime, no one is perfect) but we are talking about 2-3 days of downtime with no support.

As a frustrated customer, I have asked to speak with their manager or supervisor regarding the matter, but again, they claim they do not have a supervisor and they can only refer me to an email address [email protected] Even when I email the complaints department, they take about a day or two to respond and again, they do not have a solution for my issue, and continue to blow me off.

1and1 Hosting Overview

  • Customer Service – 1
  • Pricing – 4
  • Server Uptime -1
  • Overall Rating – 2


I will be moving on and partnering with my friend to go in on a dedicated server at this point, but the purpose of my post is to truly discourage anyone out there that is considering to host with

Something I learned the hard way is when it comes to things like hosting, do your research and read real life customer reviews and reports before making your decision.  Saving money is great, but the loss of traffic, losing customers, angry clients, and most of all, time wasted is much more damaging and frustrating in the long run.

Inspiration Fridays – Pretty Lights

One of my favorite artists Pretty Lights just released his latest album “Spilling Over Every Side” just last week and I wanted to share it with those who are into electronica. Pretty Lights is the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith, accompanied in the live setting by drummer Adam Deitch. Together these two achieve a raw energy rarely reached in the realm of electronic music.

His style is a mixture of glitched out hiphop, downtempo, funk, and jazz, in my opinion great music to just zone out and design to. Being influenced by a variety of music scenes, his combination of styles really makes his sounds unique and stands out from the rest.

“The sound and style that I am going for has been developing and evolving since the first time I produced a piece of music and it continues to with every new track as well. That is one thing that really excites me about music, the continual evolution of creativity in individuals and in the collective of all artists.” – Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

“My intention was to get as many people to hear and hopefully enjoy my music as possible, I had no idea that it would actually create a means for me to make a living off of my music thru touring. I continue to give my albums away for free because I want to make an impact on the transformation of the music industry and hopefully discover a new model for lasting success and longevity as an independent musician.” – Pretty Lights

Below are some tracks off of his older albums. He releases all of his albums for free so go check out the download page and peep them all out.

For those of you in Southern California, he will be performing at the Santa Barbara West Beach Festival in September!

Like What You Hear?

Inspiration Fridays – Rodney Mullen

I used to be obsessed with skateboarding back in my middle school and highschool days. I had quit after highschool and never thought I would be back into it, but early this year I picked it back up and now loving it more than ever. Its a great stress reliever and it gets my creative juices flowing.

I wanted to share a piece of history with legendary skater Rodney Mullen from South Bay Los Angeles. I chose to feature him since he is considered one of the most important and influential skaters in skateboarding’s history. Rodney Mullen was primarily known for his freestyle tricks, but later on he had a huge impact on street skating. Creating street skating foundations like the flat ground ollie, kick flip, heel flip, 360 flip, and many more, he took skateboarding to a new level.

“Do what you love and try not to look at what other people occupy themselves with. Most people seem restless and bounce around too much to focus or even pay attention enough to themselves to figure out exactly what they really do love, as opposed to what the people that surround them are doing.”
Rodney Mullen

Skateboarding was once looked at as just a fad in the 70′s-80′s but since the 90′s it has become a prime extreme sport, and I hope it continues to grow and inspire the next generation to continue.

Like What You See?

Other Resources on History of Skateboarding

Inspiration Fridays – Ronald Jenkees

I absolutely love watching talent that comes from the soul. I mean people who can bust, flow, freestyle, jam, whatever you want to call it straight out of feeling alone. Being a dancer I have learned to appreciate different kinds of talents out there that is driven by the soul. Whether you are a musician, artist, dancer, or singer, its beautiful when its coming from your heart and your mind is completely free. When I watch Ronald Jenkees, I can just see how free he is… Ronald Jenkees is off the hook. Enjoy!

“Ronald Jenkees first gained fame on the site YouTube when he posted a series of videos of himself playing his Korg Triton LE and/or Yamaha Motif XS8 keyboards, often accompanied by beats he composed using FL Studio. The performances were often improvised and are influenced primarily by hip-hop and jazz.”

Like What You Hear?

Ronald Jenkees

Exit Through The Gift Shop

I just watched Banksy’s documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” and I highly recommend it. It’s not a documentary about Banksy himself, but on the history of French videographer Thierry Guetta aka Mr.Brainwash and his journey in stumbling across the secret world of street art/graffiti. Features Banksy, Thierry Guetta, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, and more.

“The story of how an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner with spectacular results. Billed as ‘the world’s first street art disaster movie’ the film contains exclusive footage of Banksy, Shephard Fairey, Invader and many of the world’s most infamous graffiti artists at work. – Sundance Film Festival

Here is a teaser of the film, now go check it out at a theater in your area.




Recent Sightings of Banksy in LA

Banksy in LA

Banksy in LA

The Glitch Mob

One of the first groups that got me really into live electronics and glitch-hop back around 2005. I first stumbled across edIT on myspace which lead me to his group, the Glitch Mob which consists of three producers: edIT, Ooah, and Boreta from the west coast / Los Angeles.

If anyone is out there living in Los Angeles, they will be performing on June 11th at the Henry Fonda Theater.

Something about the hybrid combination of Glitched out electronics with a solid hip hop beat really gets me moving… I love doing some personal designs listening to their tracks. Hope you enjoy!

“One of the most sought-after collectives of djs and producers to hit the underground scene, known for electrifying audiences at festivals around the world with their signature blend of ferocious beats, catastrophic sub bass and engaging performance. “

edIT Interview

Beyond Monday

Behind the Scenes

Broken Fingaz -Graffiti Stop Motion
(Music by the Glitch Mob)

Like what you hear?

Glitch Mob Official Website
Glitch Mob Facebok Fan Page
Glitch Mob Myspace

Dub FX – The Future of Beat Boxing

This dude is ridiculous…future of beat boxing…

“Dub Fx the street-loop-beatboxer grew up in St Kilda / Melbourne / Australia performing in various bands before hitting the world-wide road. Dub Fx uses Roland BOSS effect & loop pedals to create sounds which when layered creates a live musical construct. Predominantly Dub Fx can be found busking through Europe with his Girlfriend the ‘Flower Fairy’ who also performs along side.”

Like What You Hear?

Dub Fx Facebook Fan Page
Follow Dub FX on Twitter

Augustine Kofie – Artist Spotlight

Another amazing artist born out of Los Angeles, Augustine “Kofie” has made a huge contribution to the graffiti/street art scene with his unique “drafting” style.  Kofie’s artwork has been featured in numerous commercials, music videos, and art galleries.

I see his work as inspiration, take a look and see some of his amazing pieces.

Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti
Kofie Graffiti

Visit Kofie’s website: