1and1 Review – A Hosting Nightmare

As I was first getting into the industry, like every other newbie out there I was excited to get a hosting plan. I was first introduced to 1and1.com from a school mate, and l later saw many full page ads in magazines. They seemed like a big trust worthy company but boy was I in for a surprise.

1and1.com – Downtime Kings

“99.9% Uptime
No matter what the cause, network downtime hurts your credibility, your sales, and your business. 1&1 uses its experience and expertise in hosting to deliver 99.9% uptime, so your website is there when you need it.”

This is taken from their “About Us” page, promoting their 99.9% uptime policy, this is obviously false.

I’m usually not one to put other companies down, but their continuous down time and horrible customer service has lead me to this frustrating post. I had been a loyal customer to 1and1.com (Using the Business Package) for about 3 years now, and this will be my last month hosting with them.

Horrible Customer Service and Support

The pathetic part is, I now have 1and1.com’s customer support phone number on my speed dial since my sites go down so often. It seems I am talking to one of their customer service reps every other week regarding a downtime issue with my hosting.  They promise and reassure me on a follow up regarding the issue, but of course, no emails, no calls, no response.  I’m not talking about a few hours of downtime (I completely understand, all hosting companies out there do have some downtime, no one is perfect) but we are talking about 2-3 days of downtime with no support.

As a frustrated customer, I have asked to speak with their manager or supervisor regarding the matter, but again, they claim they do not have a supervisor and they can only refer me to an email address complaints@1and1.com. Even when I email the complaints department, they take about a day or two to respond and again, they do not have a solution for my issue, and continue to blow me off.

1and1 Hosting Overview

  • Customer Service – 1
  • Pricing – 4
  • Server Uptime -1
  • Overall Rating – 2


I will be moving on and partnering with my friend to go in on a dedicated server at this point, but the purpose of my post is to truly discourage anyone out there that is considering to host with 1and1.com.

Something I learned the hard way is when it comes to things like hosting, do your research and read real life customer reviews and reports before making your decision.  Saving money is great, but the loss of traffic, losing customers, angry clients, and most of all, time wasted is much more damaging and frustrating in the long run.

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